F&I TipsNovember 10 2017

Blockbuster Customer Service!

Rick McCormick

Blockbuster Customer Service! In 2000, Blockbuster was on top of the world of video entertainment. The founder of a fledgling company called Netflix flew to Dallas to meet the CEO of Blockbuster with a proposal that the two companies forge a partnership. The record shows…Read More Blockbuster Customer Service!

F&I Tips & GeneralNovember 1 2017

What Sank the Titanic Will Sink Your Dealers!

Rick McCormick

What Sank the Titanic Will Sink Your Dealers! Iceberg, right ahead! is the shout Fred Fleet, the lookout for the ill-fated Titanic, is said to have given when he saw the ship’s doom ahead. How could the Titanic, such a large and well-designed ship, ever…Read More What Sank the Titanic Will Sink Your Dealers!

F&I TipsOctober 18 2017

Safe and Sound!

Rick McCormick

Safe and Sound! The founder of online music store CD Baby, Derek Sivers, once said, The single most important thing is to make people happy. If you are making people happy, as a side effect, they will be happy to open up their wallets and…Read More Safe and Sound!

F&I TipsOctober 5 2017

Do the Work!

Rick McCormick

Do the Work! Selling intangible products is hard! I’ve never seen a customer so excited about buying a vehicle service agreement that they can’t wait to show it to their friends. Selling an intangible product requires discovering and helping the customer see their need for…Read More Do the Work!

F&I Tips & GeneralSeptember 25 2017

3 Levels of Selling the Invisible!

Rick McCormick

3 Levels of Selling the Invisible! The products sold by the F&I manager, as with any insurance-based product, are invisible. Customers buy a tangible product because they can see, touch, smell or test it. However, they buy an intangible product because they see a need…Read More 3 Levels of Selling the Invisible!


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