GeneralMarch 28 2017

Stealing…From Yourself!

Rick McCormick

Agents must train F&I managers to rely on your process and their talents or risk stealing their own production and their customers’ trust. Emmanuel Ninger was arrested for counterfeiting in 1887 after he handed a clerk, whose hands were wet, a $20 bill and the…Read More Stealing…From Yourself!

GeneralMarch 16 2017

Blended F&I Training – Mastering the Shift to Digital Learning

Janet Crabtree

Dealerships today depend more than ever on the profits gained in their F&I departments as a larger percentage of their overall profitability. To assure this department maximizes their opportunities, the F&I office must have the two most important elements in place, great products and well…Read More Blended F&I Training – Mastering the Shift to Digital Learning

GeneralMarch 14 2017

Duck Dynasty Determination

Rick McCormick

Did you know Phil Robertson and Terry Bradshaw were teammates at Louisiana Tech? Learn how two shared principles made both men champions in their chosen fields. Phil Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” fame was raised in abject poverty. His boyhood home had no electricity, toilet or…Read More Duck Dynasty Determination

F&I Tips & GeneralMarch 7 2017

Master the Art of Communication!

Rick McCormick

I just finished a very frustrating phone conversation with the company that provides my phone and internet service. The word “communication” is in their company name, and the reason I am frustrated is the person I was dealing with had no idea how to communicate…Read More Master the Art of Communication!

GeneralFebruary 16 2017

Create a Lombardi Culture

Rick McCormick

I just returned from Green Bay, Wis. Like most visitors, I drove by and took pictures of the Vince Lombardi statue in front of Lambeau Field. The Green Bay Packers’ stadium is built right on the highway with residential houses just across the street. The…Read More Create a Lombardi Culture


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