F&I Tips & GeneralSeptember 13 2017

Growing from the Inside Out!

Rick McCormick

Growing From the Inside Out! Sales is a numbers game. However, many times we get things backwards. We focus almost exclusively on results (outside) to the neglect of the process (inside) that produces them. I remember the first time I said to an owner who…Read More Growing from the Inside Out!

F&I Tips & GeneralAugust 21 2017

The Chick-fil-A Difference

Rick McCormick

The Chick-fil-A Difference Chick-fil-A draws from the same pool of individuals to hire employees as Taco Bell, McDonald’s and other fast food restaurants. Yet their customer service skills and intentional effort to respond with “Please,” “Thank You” and “My pleasure,” has been one of the…Read More The Chick-fil-A Difference

F&I Tips & GeneralAugust 9 2017

Lightbulbs, Microphones and a Tattoo Machine!

Rick McCormick

Lightbulbs, Microphones and a Tattoo Machine! Thomas Edison is known for his lifelong achievements, but he did not get there overnight. Determination and commitment paved his way to success, and they can for you, too. Determination is the real story behind Thomas Edison. He didn’t…Read More Lightbulbs, Microphones and a Tattoo Machine!

F&I Tips & GeneralJuly 20 2017

That Crazy Columbo!

Rick McCormick

That Crazy Columbo! Most of us have laughed at the crazy efforts of Lieutenant Columbo to lull criminal suspects into letting their guard down and then watched as he would get information that no one else could. An article in the American Bar Association Journal…Read More That Crazy Columbo!

F&I Tips & GeneralJuly 10 2017

Your Competitive Advantage

Rick McCormick

Your Competitive Advantage During a recent (and rare) vacation along Florida’s Gulf Coast, I watched more evening TV than I have in quite some time. I was amazed by how many dealership commercials I experienced. It appeared that everyone was trying to gain a competitive…Read More Your Competitive Advantage


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