So Here’s the Deal – Timing F&I

Ron Reahard

As an F&I manager, your performance is judged primarily by three things: your paperwork, your CSI and dollars you generate – not the time customers spend in your office. In my experience, if your paperwork is clean, your CSI is great, and you’re averaging $2,000 per copy, time spent in the F&I office is a non-issue.

Great Coaches Build Winning Teams

Ron Reahard

Whether you prefer “The Process” followed by Alabama’s Nick Saban or “All In,” the mantra of Clemson coach Dabo Swinney (a former Alabama player and assistant coach), there is no question these two coaches are dedicated to their personal coaching philosophies. As leaders, there is a lot we can learn from both men. Let’s dig in.

Handling the Drop in Deal – F&I and Showroom

So Here’s the Deal – Handling the ‘Drop-In Deal’

Ron Reahard

Whenever a customer makes a commitment to purchase online or over the phone rather than coming into the dealership to take delivery, it is the salesperson’s responsibility to find out when the customer would prefer to have the business manager contact him to confirm the purchase, ensure the figures are correct, and verify the method of payment.

One-Chance Training – F&I and Showroom

One-Chance Training

Rick McCormick

Do you show up every day to showcase your skills, or do you show up to develop them? F&I trainer and speaker, Rick McCormick, explains the critical difference.

Starting F&I Online – F&I and Showroom NADA Edition

Starting F&I Online

Ron Reahard

Unfortunately, many F&I producers are adamantly opposed to educating customers about F&I products online. Even posting basic product features and benefits results in major pushback. The fear is that if customers have time to educate themselves about the products, they won’t buy them.

Achieving $1,600 Per Copy – F&I and Showroom

So Here’s The Deal – Achieving $1600 Per Copy

Ron Reahard

An F&I manager asks Ron how achieving a $1600 per-copy average is even possible.