Magic Beans and Giants – Auto Dealer Today

Magic Beans and Giants

Ron Reahard

Whether business is good or business is bad, the giants of the automotive industry don’t depend on magic beans or profit fairies to grow their business. They get up every morning and look for ways to improve their odds, maximize every profit opportunity, and turn every challenge into a competitive edge.

Overcoming Helicopter Parents – F&I and Showroom

So Here’s The Deal – Overcoming Helicopter Parents

Ron Reahard

“We’ve all heard about the helicopter parents who overprotect, oversee, and involve themselves in every aspect of their children’s lives. Since they were not allowed to make, enjoy, or suffer the consequences of their decisions as children, this new generation has a real problem growing up and making decisions.”

Revisiting the Pesky Form-8300 – F&I and Showroom

So Here’s The Deal – Revisiting the Pesky Form 8300

Ron Reahard

Form 8300 provides the IRS and the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network with valuable information to combat money laundering.  It also helps law enforcement track criminals by documenting their financial dealings.

5 Steps to Taking F&I Online – F&I and Showroom

5 Steps to Taking F&I Online

Rick McCormick

Virtually every shopping experience begins on the internet. Your dealership needs a strategy that encourages F&I to collaborate with customers as they educate themselves about the vehicles they’re interested in, the financing they’ll need, and the F&I products that will protect their investment.

Selling on Leases – F&I and Showroom

Selling on Leases

Ron Reahard

Lease customers may not think they need these protections, but they do. In fact, it’s even more important, because they’re going to end up looking at that door ding or damaged wheel every day for the next three years. Plus, they’re probably going to have to pay for the damage when they turn in the vehicle at the end of the lease.

Objection Prevention – F&I and Showroom

Objection Prevention

Ron Reahard

In the F&I office, the goal is to overcome objections before you get them. That requires asking specific needs-discovery questions for every F&I product you offer.