So Here’s the Deal – F&I Video Series

Working with F&I and Showroom Magazine, we have created a Q&A video segment called
So Here’s the Deal‘. These F&I Videos are intended to help finance and insurance professionals overcome objections and delight their customers.

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Episode 35
Have a Real Conversation

Episode 34
Combating CUs

Episode 33
Trading Rate for Product

Episode 32
Discussing the Risk-Based Pricing Rule

Episode 31
Timing F&I

Episode 30
Handling Remote Deliveries

Episode 29
Achieving $1,600 Per Copy

Episode 28
Handling the 'Be Back' Objection

Episode 27
Overcoming Helicopter Parents

Episode 26
Revisiting the Pesky Form 8300

Episode 25
Selling on Leases

Episode 24
Losing the 'F' in F&I

I have been in this business for 31 years and have been to a lot of training classes (both good and bad). I have done a lot of training (both good and bad). After two days with Ron and one day with Rick, never has the word training been so misused. What they do is not train…they teach and educate in a way that incorporates not only how to treat people but they provide you with true life lessons that can aid in the Finance & Insurance process…The fact is I have learned more in 2 days with Ron and 1 day with Rick than I have in…I don’t know how long!…I truly believe we are fortunate to be aligned with such fine people.

Dino DeAngelis
Vice President Business Development CNA National Warranty Corporation