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Ron is always full of energy. I feel like the visual aid is easily integrated into any type of product presentation for any manufacturer brand.

Aaron Flanagan
Finance Manager O'Daniel Honda

I’m on the rise in my new position in F&I and will always be competing for #1, not a lower number. I truly believe the inspiration, motivation, technique and both visual and process aids you shared yesterday will up my game faster and more effectively than I could achieve on my own. I hope after another 6 months in the chair Hyundai will bring you to the area again so that I may achieve even more.

Lindell "Jim" Correll
Finance Manager King Hyundai Mitsubishi

I just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful training class! My schedule has been absolutely crazy—in a good way—since I got back! I thoroughly enjoyed the class and your real life scenarios were great to put things into perspective. I’ve told my GM how great it was an he looks forward to sending more team members in the future. He was super impressed with all of my materials I returned from Phoenix with as well. I’ve been using nearly all of your techniques and have seen a huge difference since coming back. This will definitely go down as one of the best training classes I have and probably ever will.

Danielle Stahley
Finance & Leasing Consultant Mercedes-Benz of Pittsburgh

I was in your Hyundai F&I training last month in Pittsburgh and wanted to reach out and express my gratitude. I came back afterwards and put some of the concepts into practice and ran $1100 PRU on 17 deals. It was my best month ever in the F&I office.

Gilbert C. McNie IV
Sales Associate/Finance Manager Hyundai of Greensburg

Training with David is a blessing! Love this guy!  He truly wants to help and teach.  I truly believe he has pushed me forward into the next level of F&I excellence.

Matt Colburn
Business Manager Bluegrass Honda BMW

I am enjoying all the training classes that have been offered. This is a great way to stay refreshed and obtain some new ways of focusing on the customer’s needs.

Deborah Lauchard
Finance Manager Richmond Toyota

This is great information and another way to look at the objections process. Over the years we get use to having canned rebuttals and not listening and digging for the true objection.

Keith Lynam

I think you have probably trained close to 300 of our F&I managers over the years and we have 90 managers that are completing your online training modules every week. It’s not a coincidence that some of the highest performers in the industry are also some of the best trained in the industry…We know that our partnership with your company has been a big contributor to our results. I look forward to our continued progress together in the coming years.

Jason Frampton
Vice President Sales & FInance Ken Garff Automotive Group

Wish you could hear the conversations between all four of the guys. Encouragement, drive, helping each other, pushing, etc. Never have I experienced this type of team work before. You are a big part of our team – thank you again for your help in setting the example of how to work at this level. There aren’t any coffee cups getting cold around here…

Blake Bailey
Hennessy Auto Group

I have been in this business for 31 years and have been to a lot of training classes (both good and bad). I have done a lot of training (both good and bad). After two days with Ron and one day with Rick, never has the word training been so misused. What they do is not train…they teach and educate in a way that incorporates not only how to treat people but they provide you with true life lessons that can aid in the Finance & Insurance process…The fact is I have learned more in 2 days with Ron and 1 day with Rick than I have in…I don’t know how long!…I truly believe we are fortunate to be aligned with such fine people.

Dino DeAngelis
Vice President Business Development CNA National Warranty Corporation

In your class you mentioned our job was to help and serve our customers. Well I’d like to thank you for helping me see the importance of the little things we take for granted… I’m passionate about what I do but along the way I forgot the reason I’m here – my customers…Thank you for allowing me to feel 21 again, full of energy and excitement for my career, for the opportunity I have.

Kelly Cobos
Finance Manager Antelope Valley Chevrolet

I attended a 3-day F&I training class…put on by Ron Reahard…It was based on “consultative selling” and it was the best F&I training I have attended in the 15 years I have been doing F&I.

Tim Miller
F&I Manager Luther Brookdale Chrysler Jeep Dodge

I’ve been reading your articles on F&I for years and years, and finally wanted to drop you a note of appreciation. Your articles are always very informative and take the right approach to income development.

Michael Maledon
President & CEO Inilex Inc.

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