Reahard & Associates offers several services and solutions that can help F&I managers and dealers alike. Our focus has always been helping you and your customers. From finance and insurance training, in class or online, to dealership analysis, we’ve got you covered. Browse our F&I services and find out how we can help you today.

Reahard & Associates F&I Training

F&I Training

Reahard & Associates offers training options for Every Situation. Come to us, stay at your dealership, or don’t even leave the desk. F&I Managers have the option to participate in our Achieving F&I Excellence!™ Management Certification Program of training classes conducted at various locations throughout the U.S on a monthly basis. In addition, we provide in-dealership training to assist F&I Managers in reaching their top levels of production and assisting them in overcoming any hurdles along the way. Our Achieving F&I Excellence Online!™ training enables F&I Managers to train at their convenience via our online learning management system.

Reahard & Associates RealCam F&I Video Recording

F&I Recording & Review

Want to see an immediate improvement in F&I performance and customer satisfaction and ensure compliance at your dealership? Start recording those transactions. It’s amazing how a person’s actions change for the better when they know someone is watching, and you can provide your own video documenting your consistent and compliant F&I process.

Reahard & Associates F&I Workshops

Seminars & Workshops

F&I Manager’s need a shot in the arm? Our custom workshops will have them energized, overcoming customer objections and filling customer’s needs in no time. We focus on your dealerships specific needs – whether it’s handling objections to VSAs or how to help the customer see the need for dealership financing.

Reahard & Associates Dealership Analysis

Dealership Analysis

This comprehensive analysis provides an in-depth evaluation of F&I products, income distribution, individual & departmental performance, charge-backs, and compensation expense, along with specific recommendations for process improvements that will increase F&I product sales, profits and customer satisfaction.


I think you have probably trained close to 300 of our F&I managers over the years and we have 90 managers that are completing your online training modules every week. It’s not a coincidence that some of the highest performers in the industry are also some of the best trained in the industry…We know that our partnership with your company has been a big contributor to our results. I look forward to our continued progress together in the coming years.

Jason Frampton
Vice President Sales & FInance Ken Garff Automotive Group