Continuing F&I Excellence!™ Professional Development Program

What’s In It For You?

Continuing F&I Excellence!™ will enable F&I managers to take individual performance and profits to the next level. As part of an elite group of professionals, each manager in attendance will have the opportunity to draw upon the knowledge of other successful F&I managers, as well as hone their individual selling skills. Financial Services Professionals, are not only responsible to serve the customer’s interests and increase dealership profitability, but must also strive to achieve a mastery of their profession through continuing education.

Course Benefits

  • Builds upon sales techniques introduced in initial 3-day class, allowing experienced F&I managers to take individual performance to the next level
  • Incorporating “real world” situations and actual customer objections into role-play exercises will improve managers’ selling skills
  • Curriculum is designed specifically to help managers become increasingly proficient at finding and filling customer needs
  • Hands-on training will dramatically improve managers’ ability to overcome objections, and help customers “see” their need for all F&I products.
  • Extensive role-play exercises ensure F&I managers are able to use sales and objection handling techniques immediately upon their return
  • Enables F&I managers to respond positively to customers’ questions, concerns, and objections
  • Dramatically increase the sale of all F&I products by helping managers create customer interest after customer’s “No.”
  • Instill in every F&I manager the expectation of continuous improvement in their performance
  • Provide managers with the skills and resources necessary to achieve F&I excellence!

Continuing F&I Excellence!™ is strictly committed to results – results which can only be attained through a sincere desire of F&I managers to improve their ability to help customers. The key to success in F&I is an unwavering commitment to continuous improvement in their ability to help every customer possible.

Class Prerequisite

F&I managers must have attended the Achieving F&I Excellence!™ Management Certification Program. It’s like Monopoly, you can’t collect your $200 until you pass Go!

Course Outline

  • Changing Perceptions, Increasing Profits
  • Getting ‘Em In the Barn
  • Selling Outside the Box
  • Adding Value – Helping Customers
  • Ensuring F&I Excellence!™

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