Reahard & Associates provides an on-site evaluation of current dealership F&I processes, procedures, performance, and individual responsibilities to determine potential areas for profit improvement.

Dealership Analysis

Is your current process in need of a rebuild or just routine maintenance?
Personnel – Do you have a high turnover rate? Are you happy with the compensation plan for your team? Are you struggling with poor performance?
Are policies & procedures in place outlining compliance expectations?

What’s In It for You?

This comprehensive analysis provides an in-depth evaluation of F&I products, income distribution, individual & departmental performance, charge-backs, and compensation expense, along with specific recommendations for process improvements that will increase F&I product sales, profits and customer satisfaction. Also includes development of job descriptions and performance standards for F&I personnel, with written policies and procedures for quoting payments.

Think of it as your dealership’s diagnostic test.

What Can We Do For You?

We're here to help, however we can do that, we will.

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