If you have any concerns at all about your sales, desking or F&I processes being recorded, now is the time to update those processes. You need to make absolutely certain every aspect of your sales and F&I process is compliant and designed to make buying a vehicle from your dealership an enjoyable experience.

RealCam™ F&I Video Recording and Review

What RealCam™ can do for you.

Want to see an immediate improvement in F&I performance and customer satisfaction and ensure compliance at your dealership? Start recording those F&I transactions. It’s amazing how a person’s actions change for the better when they know someone is watching, and you can provide your own video documenting your consistent and compliant F&I process. It can protect the dealer, the F&I manager and the customer.

By utilizing F&I video recording and review, dealers will see an immediate improvement in both performance and customer satisfaction. F&I Directors, F&I Managers, and trainers all find RealCam™ F&I video recording is a useful training tool. Reviewing recorded transactions allows F&I Managers to determine which aspect of their F&I process is not adding value for the customer, and thus not enabling the F&I manager to maximize their product sales.

Reahard & Associates RealCam F&I Video Recording

The Nitty Gritty…How does it work?

RealCam™ installation requires minimal time and expertise. A typical installation takes less than one hour including the camera hardware mount and installation along with the installation of software. Our team is there to assist in every step of the process. The RealCam™ installation kit includes all required hardware. A simple download link is sent to designated personnel for software installation and you are all set to record.

All recorded F&I transactions are stored on a secure server for a period of 60, 90, 180 or 365 days. Access to review recorded transactions is via secure login and specific user access levels.

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