Reahard & Associates has partnered with CNA National to bring you a series of six live online seminars geared toward today’s unique F&I sales challenges. F&Innovations will help improve your skills and adapt to today’s online, offsite, and mask wearing F&I environment.

These live-streaming sessions will be conducted by nationally recognized F&I trainers Ron Reahard and Rick McCormick from September through December 2020:


September 29, 2020 “Selling Through the Mask”
October 14, 2020 “Ten Proven Profit Multipliers”
October 27, 2020 – “Adapting to Online Customers”
November 11, 2020 – “Winners and Weepers”
Upcoming Sessions
December 8, 2020 “From Zip to Zoom”
December 16, 2020 “Getting Past the Plexiglas”


Time: 1:00-2:30 PM EST
All sessions will also be recorded. Registered attendees that are unable to participate in the live event will be given access to the recorded session. 
Fee: $95 each or sign up for the series $450.

Attendee Information & Requirements

In order to attend any of the listed seminars, the following are necessary:

  • Access to a quiet, private room.
  • Access to a computer or laptop.
  • A working webcam, speakers, and microphone.
  • Professional attire is required.

Selling isn’t something we do to someone, it’s something we do for and with someone.  The future of F&I belongs to empathetic professionals who are genuinely focused on the helping customers.  This session will enable F&I Professionals to build trust, establish credibility and deliver real value, whether selling products online, over the phone or through a mask.

  1. First Seek to Understand
  2. Expectations Are Contagious (Live Online Survey)
  3. Delivering Genuine Value
  4. Empathy Overcomes Anything
  5. A Customer-Focused Experience
  6. Three Questions You Must Answer
  7. Q&A

Today’s consumer will not tolerate multiple feature, advantage, benefit presentations for F&I products they have no interest in. However, they appreciate a knowledgeable professional who can explain their options, answer their questions, and help them make an informed decision.  These ten proven profit multipliers will enable managers increase F&I product sales and income by leading more customers to a positive buying decision.

  1. It’s Not About You!
  2. Shut Up! (You’ll Sell More Stuff!)
  3. Menus Don’t Sell Nothing
  4. Make a List!
  5. Increase Your Value
  6. Selling Is Solving Problems
  7. Build Bridges, Not Walls
  8. That’s Odd?!?
  9. Make “Yes” Easy and “No” Hard
  10. You Gotta Ask!
  11. Live Role-Play
  12. Q&A

A consumer’s purchase experience starts long before they take a test drive. It begins with online research and continues until they drive their new vehicle home. Regardless of how a customer chooses to buy their vehicle, the easier, more enjoyable and more valuable we make the F&I experience, the more products we will sell and the more money we will make.  Today’s F&I professional must incorporate online tools to expedite the process, engage the customer, and provide 3rd party credibility.

  1. Engage 'Em Early (On Their Terms!)
  2. “I’m here to be of service to you.”
  3. Time to Sink, Swim, or Ski
  4. Everyone Wants a Test Drive
  5. Consultative Selling (Breakout Session)
  6. Seeing Is Still Believing
  7. Q&A

Rarely do customers walk into the finance office asking to buy F&I products.  Instead, they typically object numerous times in a variety of ways giving multiple reasons why they don’t want or need our products.  To win the sale, an F&I Professional must be capable of capitalizing on customer objections.  The ability to welcome multiple objections and respond positively no matter how many objections the customer raises is the sign of an experienced professional.

  1. The 3 Unforgivable Objections
  2. Stupid Is as Stupid Does
  3. Turning “No” Into “Yes!”
  4. Asking for a Commitment
  5. Six Keys to Closing (Live Survey - Closing Questions)
  6. The Worst & Best Close of All Time
  7. Live Role-Play
  8. Q&A

Going from a nothing deal to the customer selecting multiple F&I products demands a consistent, customer-focused process that expedites and adds value to their purchase experience.  In also requires using all the tools in your toolbox, and investing in new tools and technology. F&I excellence is only achieved by those willing to pay the price of success. That price includes continuing to improving your skills and selling F&I product wherever and however the customer wants to buy them.

  1. Go All-In on Your Process (Live Online Survey)
  2. 3 Laws of Every Customer Interaction
  3. Using All Tools in Your Toolbox
  4. WIIIFT – What Is in It for Them?
  5. 5 Keys to Spectacular Results
  6. Money Follows Service, Even on Zoom!
  7. Q&A

Contactless transactions are, at least for the foreseeable future, our new reality. Whether selling F&I products online, over the phone or through an opening in a plexiglass barrier, F&I professionals have to continue to build value in their products.  Adapting your existing process, leveraging new online technology to engage the customer on their terms will ensure F&I product sales, profit and your income continue to increase.

  1. Address the Elephant in the Room
  2. New Rules, Risks and Opportunities
  3. Selling Outside the Box
  4. Six Great Online Examples
  5. Transparency Sells Products
  6. Give Online, Get More Sold
  7. Don’t Poke the Bear
  8. Q&A
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