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F&Insight is a new F&I tool designed to minimize financial risks by providing actionable intelligence to help dealers drive accountability and growth. See improvement in F&I performance and customer satisfaction, and take your F&I process to the next level with an informative, data-driven training tool.

F&Insight uses in-depth deal information and in-person recorded transactions to evaluate F&I professionals with share, comment, and download features through cloud-based storage capability.

This new software is designed to ensure accountability and video/audio documentation of customer interactions. It also provides the ideal training capability for the F&I professional with customizable checklists and dashboard report functions. Don’t leave the success of your F&I process to chance, take a step in the direction of better profits.

Product Features

Videos are stored in a cloud-based storage environment, without the need for in-dealership servers or scheduled upkeep. Storage capacity based upon a predetermined retention period designed to fit your dealership's interests. 

Easy to operate, clean user interface with user-friendly installation. Accessible Administrative features with an array of extensive permission roles and capabilities. Extensive filter and search options based upon F&I manager, dealership, customer name, deal type, and much more... View any video with ease!

Works with most webcams and IP cameras (contact for more information).

Review and share videos for a more engaging F&I training experience. Browser based video storage app accessible through any device, at work or on the go. Comment directly to specific segments of videos for ideal training capability. 

Easily track and review recorded F&I transactions with standard or customized observation checklist. Review performance through dashboard reports with filtered options through a dealership, F&I manager, and time. Download, share and vaulting video options giving you control over the videos that matter most.

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