RealCam 3.0



Step 1
  • Camera Installation
Step 2
  • RealCam Software Installation
Step 3
  • RealCam Settings
Step 4
  • RealCam Operation
Step 5
  • Viewing Recorded Transactions

Step 1

Camera Installation

  1. Determine mounting location for camera. Please follow the suggested mounting specifications
    • Camera should be mounted so as to provide a side view of both the customer and the F&I manager. Do not mount the camera behind the customer or F&I manager!
    • Camera should be mounted near the ceiling for best viewing angle.
    • Before mounting, ensure the USB cable will reach the computer.
    • Camera should be mounted away from ventilation systems to prevent any audio interference.
  2. Mount the camera at the location determined in step 1.
  3. Safely run the camera wire to the computer and connect the camera.

Step 2

RealCam Software Installation

Make sure the camera has been installed before continuing with step 2. Also make sure to be logged into your computer as the user who will be using RealCam before software installation.

  1. To download the RealCam installation software, click HERE.
  2. Open or run the downloaded file and follow any on-screen prompts to install the RealCam software.
  3. Please have Windows Defender or Firewall/Anti-virus programs “allow” or “run” installation of RealCam 3.0.
  4. Enter the Dealership Key that was emailed to you by Reahard & Associates. If you were not provided registration key, please call us at 1.866.732.4273.
  5. Select ‘Continue’. Upon successful installation you will be prompted to choose a user name from the list..

Step 3

RealCam Settings

  1. To adjust record time, changes users, or get help, select the Settings tool.
  2. To change Users, Verify your Dealership Key then select the appropriate user from the User list.
  3. The default record time is 45 minutes. You can adjust it to 30 or 60 in the Global Settings.
  4. Need further Help; click on the link or contact our office as instructed.

Step 4

RealCam Operation

  1. Open the RealCam software using the desktop shortcut.
  2. Enter the Customer Information and Stock Number. Be sure to confirm your name is listed at the top “Hello, (your name)“. If not you
    will need to go to settings to select your name after verifying your dealership.
  3. For ‘Recording Information’, select “Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920” or “LifeCam” from the ‘Video Source’ drop down list and “Microphone
    HD Pro Webcam C920” or “LifeCam” from the ‘Audio Source’ drop down list. Once selected this should default to these sources.
  4. Click the ‘Record’ button when you are ready.
    If your video and audio settings are correct, the preview screen will appear. You can minimize as soon as you begin recording.
    To maximize the screen, click on the RealCam icon in the tool bar.
  5. Upon completion of the transaction, maximize the screen and stop the recording by clicking the ’Stop’ button. The recording will be
    automatically uploaded to a secure server for storage.

Once the ‘Expected Length’ record time has expired, you will be prompted to continue your recording. Choosing ‘Yes’ will continue your recording for 15 minutes. If you ignore the prompt, your recording will stop in 15 minutes.
Choosing ‘No’ will stop your recording immediately.

Step 5

Viewing Recorded Transactions

  1. To view recorded transactions go to
  2. Log in to the website with the username and password that was emailed to you from Reahard & Associates. If you were not provided login information, please call us at 1.866.732.4273.
  3. Select ‘Videos’ from the blue menu bar. A list of your recorded transactions will populate.
  4. Click on the customer line of the transaction to begin playback.


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