What We’ve Learned (And You Need to Know!) About Menu Selling Article

What We’ve Learned (And You Need to Know!) About Menu Selling

Ron Reahard

A professional F&I manager has a responsibility to the dealership — and to a customer — to review all of the customer’s repayment, risk management, and vehicle protection options, so they can make an informed decision about the options available in connection with their purchase.

One Picture is Worth a Thousand...Dollars! Article

One Picture Is Worth A Thousand…Dollars!

Ron Reahard

Want to sell more F&I products? Stop talking and start drawing! A professional financial services manager must be capable of making customers thirsty to learn more about every F&I product, and then help them “see” themselves in a situation where the product would be of benefit to them, so they will want to buy these products.

Shut Up! You'll Sell More Stuff Article

Shut UP! You’ll Sell More Stuff

Ron Reahard

In the past, the primary focus of the F&I process was on selling products, not on helping customers. The old way of selling F&I products required spewing forth benefit after benefit until the customer, presumably overwhelmed by the tremendous value of whatever product was being pitched, could not help but buy. It also meant that the F&I manager did most of the talking.

Explode F&I Income Article

16.3 Ways to Explode F&I Income and Delight Customers

Ron Reahard

It seems F&I products and past practices are under attack from all sides. Fortunately, new F&I products and sales processes offer tremendous profit opportunities. “Who Moved My Cheese?” Change happens. Nowhere is that more apparent than in the automobile business, and especially in the F&I office.

F&I Article

Get Real, Get Rich!

Ron Reahard

Achieving F&I excellence — consistent performance and exceptional profits, as well as “completely satisfied” customers — comes with a price. The price tag reads, Product Knowledge, Enthusiasm, Goals, Caring, Self-Discipline, and doing the right thing for the right reasons (not just when you feel like it!).