So Here’s the Deal – F&I Video Series

Working with F&I and Showroom Magazine, we have created a Q&A video segment called
So Here’s the Deal‘. These F&I Videos are intended to help finance and insurance professionals overcome objections and delight their customers.


Episode 10
Multiple Credit Inquiries

Episode 9
Selling to Affluent Customers

Episode 8
Closing on a Package

Episode 7
Tackling the Two-Part Objection

Episode 6
It's all about adding value.

Episode 5
Overcoming Objections in the F&I Office

Episode 4
Closing on a Package

Episode 3
Creating Interest

Episode 2
Up Your Products-Per-Lease

Episode 1
Value in the Service Contract

Worth every penny. This is by far the most intuitive, smart and useful training for F&I you could ever have! …

Derrick Haywood
F&I Manager Ken Garff Hyundai Downtown