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I am enjoying all the training classes that have been offered. This is a great way to stay refreshed and obtain some new ways of focusing on the customer's needs.

– Deborah Luachard
Finance Manager, Richmond Toyota

The Online F&I Training Program for Every F&I Professional

Finance and insurance training just got a lot more accessible

There's no excuse not to train with access like this. Achieving F&I Excellence Online! includes training on every aspect of F&I, including needs-based selling, overcoming objections in the F&I office, and the laws and regulations that impact F&I on a daily basis.

The best part is, you get online F&I training, in your office, available to you whenever you're ready.

There are four primary reasons that F&I professionals say they can't, or don't want to train.

Not enough time in a day

Our online F&I training facility is available and accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You can't make any more time than that.

Training is way too expensive

We offer flexible payment options for Achieving F&I Excellence Online!. You analyze your needs and we deliver a program you can afford.

Training doesn't cover everything

Our training houses over 106 modules, covering every aspect of F&I. It's the most comprehensive online finance and insurance course available.

I don't need training

You may want to rethink that one. The most successful individuals in F&I have had good training, and continue to do so. There are no exclusions.

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The Most Comprehensive Online F&I Training Program Available

Our online F&I classes have it all, now so do you

What's in it for you? Watch and see.

Quick & Easy Setup

From sign-up to sign-in, you'll be experiencing your first online course in no time at all. You don't waste any time on the technicalities.

New & Updated Content

New modules have been added and updated to keep your training abreast of the ever changing landscape that is F&I.

Over 106 Modules

Your training is one of the most thorough online courses available today. It covers nearly every aspect of the finance and insurance industry.

24/7/365 Access

Your time is important, and often very limited. That's why your training is available to you when you need it, on your schedule.

Interactive Training

Your training is more than just watching videos. You'll get to interact and be an active participant in what's going on. You won't get bored here.

Laws & Regulations

You will learn the skills to be a more successful F&I professional, but you'll also learn how to do it the right way.

Custom Reporting

Custom reporting allows you to see how well you are doing, and let's you set goals for the future.

Track Results & Effort

Results are easy to track. Achieving F&I Excellence Online will also track your effort. The more effort you put in, the more results you'll see in return.

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You Won't be the Only One Who's Made a Smart Decision

Here are a few others who have trained with us

Ken Garff
Watermark Auto Group
Hennessey Automobile Companies
Crowley Car Company
Tom Wood Automotive Group
Honda of Canada

Have We Mentioned How Thorough Your Training Will Be?

There are over 106 course modules touching on all aspects of F&I

Each week, finance and insurance professionals have access to an online F&I training module that includes interactive instruction with a printable Action Guide for reference during and after the course.

The online curriculum includes the following: Professional Financial Services Management, Customer-Focused Selling, Customer Repayment Options, Risk Management Options, Vehicle Protection Options, Credit Evaluation and Analysis, Laws and Regulations,
and Professionalism.

A Typical Course Module Will Follow This Format

  • Module Introduction – Brief Overview
  • Download/Print Module Action Guide – Printable PDF Document
  • Training Sir! – Video Training/Demonstration
  • The Real Deal! – With a Customer!
  • Now You Do It! – Interactive Role-Play with Virtual Customer
  • Module Summary – Key Concepts to Remember
  • Personal Progress – Certification Test (With Instant Response!)
  • Training Evaluation – (Also Available to Dealer/Agent)

Download Online F&I Course Curriculum

Online F&I Training Classes
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What do you get?

You put a lot of time and effort into training. What do you get out of it?

First and foremost, increased knowledge and improved skill set to help more customers and make more money! But we don’t stop there! Depending on the length of time you train, your drive and determination, you can reach three certification levels.

  1. Online Excellence Certification – received upon completion of 52 course modules
  2. Advanced Certification – received upon completion of 104 course modules
  3. Master Certification – received upon completion of 156 course modules
Online F&I Training Cerification

Fundamentals of F&I Excellence!

Get started in F&I on the right foot. Our 90 Day Fast Start Individual option offers a Certificate of Completion for completing our Fundamentals of F&I Excellence! program. Some benefits of our 90 day training include:

  • Individual Access for 90 Days
  • 13 Pre-selected Courses
  • Printable Action Guides
  • Testing & Certification
Online F&I Training Cerification
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It will prove to be a very profitable decision

Individual Option
$940 paid in full
  • Limited 90 Day Access
  • Individual Use
  • 13 Pre-selected Course Modules
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Basic Option
$640 per month
  • Dealer Access
  • 1 Dealership
  • Multiple F&I Managers
  • Administrative Access to Monitor Progress
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Standard Option
$760 per month
  • Dealer Access
  • 1 Dealership
  • Multiple F&I Managers
  • Administrative Access to Monitor Progress
  • Progress Reports
  • Monthly Status Updates
  • Includes RealCam Record & Review
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Preferred Option
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  • Custom Access
  • Multiple Dealerships
  • Multiple F&I Managers
  • Administrative Access to Monitor Progress
  • Progress Reports
  • Monthly Status Updates
  • Agent Access/Monitoring
  • Compliance Training
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Still Have Questions?

Here's some answers

Am I able to begin training right after I sign up?
You will have access to begin your training within 24-48 hours after signing up; or you can select a specific date to start (the 1st of the month for example).
How long will it take to complete every module?
Each module will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete.
How long will it take to complete the entire program?
With over 106 modules and 3 Certification Levels our program spans the course of 3 years plus. The first year each week you receive a new training module; years 2-3 every other module is new with the alternate being a refresher module from a prior year.
Can I repeat a course or module if I want to?
YES! You can repeat every module in your course library as many times as you would like.
If I have an issue with the training is there support?
Our team is here to support you with any questions or concerns during regular business hours, between 8:30a – 5:30p EST.
Will I have immediate access to EVERY module available?
No. The Achieving F&I Excellence Online! program is structured to allow one course module per week. Modules are released weekly at the end of business on Fridays.
Does my training include testing or report cards?
All of our 106+ course modules include a short test at the end of each module.

Our “So Here's the Deal” segments, while a helpful resource and thoroughly enjoyed by F&I Professionals, are not tracked nor are tests incorporated.

You can track your personal progress in your Report Card. Directors, GMs and Dealers can track their team's progress in the Weekly Reports and other in-depth reporting features.
Does completion of the training guarantee job placement?
No. Reahard & Associates does not offer, nor guarantee job placement.
Will I receive a certification?
We have three Certification levels:
  1. Online Excellence Certification - received upon completion of 52 course modules.
  2. Advanced Certification - received upon completion of 104 course modules.
  3. Master Certification - received upon completion of 156 course modules.

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