Achieving F&I Excellence!™ Management Certification Program

Achieving F&I Excellence! Management Certification Program is an intensive F&I training program, designed to provide F&I managers with the consultative selling skills necessary to maximize every profit opportunity in the F&I office, as well as enhance the customer’s F&I experience. Our 10-Step, non-confrontational consultative approach to selling finance and insurance products is custom tailored to today’s increasingly informed consumer.

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Achieving F&I Excellence Online!™

Our online F&I training program provides F&I managers with access to an invaluable resource for building their consultative selling skills and learning the laws & regulations that impact their profession on a daily basis. F&I managers that utilize Achieving F&I Excellence Online! learn how to better overcome objections, how to manage their team, create customer interest in their products, properly disclose the retail installment contract and so much more all from the comfort of their desk at a time convenient for them.

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Ensuring F&I Excellence!™

At Reahard & Associates we realize no two individuals are the same; we all have different strengths and weaknesses. Our Ensuring F&I Excellence! training affords us the opportunity to focus on what each F&I Manager needs to enhance their skills, to reach the next level of $PRU and PPRU, and to develop into a true F&I Professional. All of our trainers have sat behind the desk in F&I; have faced the objections and dealt with the numbers. As a result, they can’t just relate to your struggles — they’ve been there. This is a real opportunity to learn from the best!

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Continuing F&I Excellence!™ Professional Development Program

This intensive, two-day, advanced training class is designed to help F&I Managers take their F&I performance and profits to the next level. Continuing F&I Excellence!™ builds upon the needs-based sales techniques learned in the Achieving F&I Excellence!™ Management Certification Program and will help you dramatically improve your consultative selling skills.

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I just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful training class! My schedule has been absolutely crazy—in a good way—since I got back! I thoroughly enjoyed the class and your real life scenarios were great to put things into perspective. I’ve told my GM how great it was an he looks forward to sending more team members in the future. He was super impressed with all of my materials I returned from Phoenix with as well. I’ve been using nearly all of your techniques and have seen a huge difference since coming back. This will definitely go down as one of the best training classes I have and probably ever will.

Danielle Stahley
Finance & Leasing Consultant Mercedes-Benz of Pittsburgh