Ensuring F&I Excellence!™ instills in F&I managers the expectation of continuous improvement and implements a process to ensure it happens.

Ensuring F&I Excellence!™ Dealership Training

What’s in it for You?

Ensuring F&I Excellence!™ in dealership training is designed to reinforce the customer focused sales techniques F&I managers learned in Achieving F&I Excellence!™ Certification Classes.

Reahard & Associates provides monthly Ensuring F&I Excellence!™ on-going, in-dealership, F&I manager training, one (or more) days per month on a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly basis. Training includes one-on-one training by R&A Training Consultant with individual F&I managers, product knowledge testing, and recording of actual F&I presentations for review, evaluation, and critique by R&A (and Dealer/GM).

It is critical for F&I managers to continuously improve their ability to consultatively sell their products and become comfortable using a Financial Services Overview to review the customer’s repayment, risk management, and vehicle protection options.

See the impact that Achieving F&I Excellence can have at your dealership

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Benefits Include:

  • Builds upon sales techniques introduced in the Achieving F&I Excellence!™ Class, allowing experienced F&I managers to continually improve their performance.
  • Ensures proven, consistent F&I processes and best practices are utilized by every F&I manager at every dealership.
  • Incorporating “real world” situations and actual customer objections into role-play exercises helps improve managers’ selling skills.
  • Ensure F&I managers focus on the sale of all F&I products, not simply the ones they make the most money on, or those products they perceive to be the easiest to sell.
  • Ensures F&I managers are in compliance with current laws and regulations.
  • Instills in every F&I manager the expectation of continuous improvement in their performance.
  • Clearly demonstrates to managers the organization’s commitment to their continued professional growth, success and profitability.


Experience the Results

We realize in order to see the benefits of training, you have to see the results. Our training includes individual F&I manager performance monitoring with custom-tailored continuing education activities utilizing a monthly training calendar with daily training assignments. Dealers and F&I Managers can see the results when they review their Ensuring F&I Excellence!™ Training Activity Report and Month-End individual and department performance analysis.

I just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful training class! My schedule has been absolutely crazy—in a good way—since I got back! I thoroughly enjoyed the class and your real life scenarios were great to put things into perspective. I’ve told my GM how great it was an he looks forward to sending more team members in the future. He was super impressed with all of my materials I returned from Phoenix with as well. I’ve been using nearly all of your techniques and have seen a huge difference since coming back. This will definitely go down as one of the best training classes I have and probably ever will.

Danielle Stahley
Finance & Leasing Consultant Mercedes-Benz of Pittsburgh