The ultimate goal of Achieving F&I Excellence!™ is to ensure every consumer is genuinely delighted with their sales and F&I experience, and you are WOW'd by the results!

Achieving F&I Excellence!™ Management Certification Program

What’s in it for You?

The Achieving F&I Excellence! Management Certification Program is an intensive finance and insurance training program, designed to provide F&I managers with the consultative selling skills necessary to maximize every profit opportunity in the F&I office, as well as enhance the customer’s F&I experience. Our 10-Step, non-confrontational, consultative approach to selling F&I products is custom tailored to today’s increasingly informed consumer.

Achieving F&I Excellence!™ will enable your F&I manager to quickly discover customer needs, demonstrate how a particular product will benefit a particular customer, and overcome objections, while enhancing the customer’s F&I experience. By ensuring every option is offered and explained, and customer needs are filled, you can dramatically increase your F&I Sales, profits, and customer satisfaction.

The ultimate goal of Achieving F&I Excellence!™ is to create a desire within every attendee to serve customers at such a high level that every consumer is genuinely delighted with their sales and F&I experience, and you are WOW’d by the results! We know this will be the best F&I training any finance and insurance manager will ever experience.

We offer several F&I classes year round. View our REGISTRATION page to sign up for your class.

You don’t need a service contract on our F&I training. Our WOW warranty is just that good.

Program Details

  • Pre-training guide and assessment test
  • Interactive classroom instruction by an experienced trainer (and by experience we mean someone who has worn and walked in F&I Manager’s shoes and has done so successfully, professionally and ethically)
  • Daily consultative selling exercises
  • Evening homework assignments
  • Multiple role-play exercises
  • F&I testing & certification
  • Individual performance review
  • Follow-up contact with each attendee via email and telephone within 30 days of attendance

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See the impact that the Achieving F&I Excellence™ F&I training can have at your dealership


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Program Benefits

  • Implements of a proven, consistent F&I process utilized by every F&I Manager at your dealership
  • Demonstrates the dealership’s commitment to each manager’s continued professional growth, success and profitability.
  • Ensures F&I Managers focus on the sale of all F&I products, not simply the ones they make the most money on or those perceived as the easiest to sell.
  • Creates in every attendee a tradition of excellence and a genuine belief in their products and their own abilities.
  • Instills in every F&I Manager the expectation of continuous improvement in their performance.
WOW warranty

Reahard & Associates, Inc.

WOW! Warranty

We’re so confident that you will be WOW’d by the Achieving F&I Excellence! Management Certification Program that we have a money back guarantee as part of our contract with your dealership. Now you have the same guarantee in your hand.

If you complete the Self-Study Assignments, pass your Certification Tests, attend every day of the Achieving F&I Excellence! Management Certification Program, demonstrate a positive attitude, actively participate in the role-play sessions, and you still feel the training did not exceed your expectations, simply turn in this certificate upon the conclusion of your training, along with all of your materials, and we will gladly refund your investment.

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I was in your Hyundai F&I training last month in Pittsburgh and wanted to reach out and express my gratitude. I came back afterwards and put some of the concepts into practice and ran $1100 PRU on 17 deals. It was my best month ever in the F&I office.

Gilbert C. McNie IV
Sales Associate/Finance Manager Hyundai of Greensburg