With Achieving F&I Excellence Online!™ Reahard & Associates brings the premier F&I Certification Program right to your dealership, giving F&I managers the flexibility and convenience to learn at their own pace with 24 hour a day, 365 day a year access!

Achieving F&I Excellence Online!
Online F&I Training

What’s in it for You?

Much like the Achieving F&I Excellence™ certification program, Achieving F&I Excellence Online! includes training on every aspect of F&I, including needs-based selling, overcoming objections in the F&I office, and the laws and regulations that impact F&I on a daily basis. The best part is, you get online F&I training, in your office, available to you 24/7/365.


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Each week, F&I managers receive access to another online F&I training module that includes interactive instruction with a printable Action Guide for future reference. The online curriculum includes; Professional Financial Services Management, Customer-Focused Selling, Customer Repayment Options, Risk Management Options, Vehicle Protection Options, Credit Evaluation/Analysis, Laws and Regulations, and Professionalism.

Every self-paced online F&I training module includes comprehensive instruction which managers complete according to their schedule and time available. In The Real Deal!™, F&I managers see a demonstration of what they just learned with a real customer. Now You Do It!™ gives them the opportunity to practice with a virtual customer, so they are prepared when they encounter that same objection from a real customer. At the end of each module, F&I managers take a brief Certification Test, to measure their personal progress.

Online F&I Training

A Typical Module Will Follow This Format:

  • Module Introduction – Brief Overview
  • Download/Print Module Action Guide – Printable PDF Document
  • Training Sir!™ – Video Training/Demonstration
  • The Real Deal!™ – With A Customer!
  • Now You Do It!™ – Interactive Role-Play With Virtual Customer
  • Module Summary – Key Concepts To Remember
  • Personal Progress – Certification Test (With Instant Response!)
  • Training Evaluation(Also Available To Dealer/Agent)

Download a PDF of the Achieving F&I Excellence Online!™ Course Modules Library


Ron is always full of energy. I feel like the visual aid is easily integrated into any type of product presentation for any manufacturer brand.

Aaron Flanagan
Finance Manager O'Daniel Honda