With Achieving F&I Excellence Online!™ Reahard & Associates brings the premier F&I Certification Program right to your dealership, giving F&I managers the flexibility and convenience to learn at their own pace with 24 hour a day, 365 day a year access!

Achieving F&I Excellence Online!
Online F&I Training

What’s in it for You?

Much like the Achieving F&I Excellence™ certification program, Achieving F&I Excellence Online! includes training on every aspect of F&I, including needs-based selling, overcoming objections in the F&I office, and the laws and regulations that impact F&I on a daily basis. The best part is, you get online F&I training, in your office, available to you 24/7/365.


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Each week, F&I managers receive access to another online F&I training module that includes interactive instruction with a printable Action Guide for future reference. The online curriculum includes; Professional Financial Services Management, Customer-Focused Selling, Customer Repayment Options, Risk Management Options, Vehicle Protection Options, Credit Evaluation/Analysis, Laws and Regulations, and Professionalism.

Every self-paced online F&I training module includes comprehensive instruction which managers complete according to their schedule and time available. In The Real Deal!™, F&I managers see a demonstration of what they just learned with a real customer. Now You Do It!™ gives them the opportunity to practice with a virtual customer, so they are prepared when they encounter that same objection from a real customer. At the end of each module, F&I managers take a brief Certification Test, to measure their personal progress.

Online F&I Training

A Typical Module Will Follow This Format:

  • Module Introduction – Brief Overview
  • Download/Print Module Action Guide – Printable PDF Document
  • Training Sir!™ – Video Training/Demonstration
  • The Real Deal!™ – With A Customer!
  • Now You Do It!™ – Interactive Role-Play With Virtual Customer
  • Module Summary – Key Concepts To Remember
  • Personal Progress – Certification Test (With Instant Response!)
  • Training Evaluation(Also Available To Dealer/Agent)

Download a PDF of the Achieving F&I Excellence Online!™ Course Modules Library


This is great information and another way to look at the objections process. Over the years we get use to having canned rebuttals and not listening and digging for the true objection.

Keith Lynam