“You get the best effort from others not by lighting a fire beneath them, but by building a fire within.”
–Bob Nelson

F&I Coach Connection

What’s in it for You?

Coach Connection allows your F&I managers to interact with our world class trainers instantly for one-on-one training.

Coach Connection provides F&I training when you need it and where you want it; on your schedule and within your training budget. Our trainers conduct one-on-one training sessions, via a video conference, with your F&I managers, instilling the expectation of continuous improvement, and implementing process to ensure it happens.

Consistent coaching on process, execution and skills helps increase F&I products per retail unit as well as dollars per retail unit. Coaching via video conference affords F&I managers the opportunity to continue to work with their coach- building their skills, honing their consultative selling techniques, focusing on their individual training needs and tracking their personal progress.

Virtual F&I Training

Monthly Sessions Include:

  • Monthly One-on-One Video Coaching
  • Process & Execution Coaching
  • PPRU Improvement Coaching
  • $PRU Improvement Coaching
  • Monthly Training Calendar
  • Review and analysis of a recorded transaction (randomly selected)
  • Laws & regulations compliance training based on video reviews
  • Training Activity Report
  • Individual goal setting and accountability
  • Critical Metric Tracking & Benchmarking
  • Discounted R&A Course Fee


There is a huge difference between teaching and coaching. A teacher conveys knowledge. A coach builds skills, encourages, motivates, furnishes someone with the resources necessary to succeed, and ensures continuous improvement in their productivity. A coach unlocks an individual’s full potential to enable them to become better than they ever thought possible.

– Ron Reahard


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