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Make It Count

When I was an F&I professional, I heard three simple words from our GM that resonated with me all year long: “We are starting a new year, with new opportunities. You have learned a lot in the past year. So, use what you have learned and make it count this year!” Before every training session, class or workshop, I always remind myself of the opportunity before me and repeat those words to myself: “Make it count!”

F&I Q-TIPS: Forge the Path Forward

Forging the path forward in F&I does not denote the elimination of the F&I manager. What it does necessitate is that we embrace the imminent changes.

Your Agency Can Influence the F&I Process

Agents are using checklists and deal audits to reinforce F&I training and ensure every customer has the information they need to make the right decisions for their investment.

The Three Musts of Every Agency Visit

Provide these three efforts with every dealership interaction and everyone will look forward to your visits and know it was worth every minute you spent there.

Who Motivates the Motivator?

Motivation completes a full-circle benefit for everyone. Make sure the circle remains unbroken in your dealerships!

Facilitate the Transition From Sales to F&I

Agents can provide an invaluable service by helping identify the right person to promote, advise them on how to make the transition effective, and shorten the learning curve a transition incurs.

Conduct a Monthly F&I Meeting

When you invest the time to provide a valuable monthly F&I meeting for your team you will build more success for the dealership, more protection for their customers, and more profit for yourself. Everybody wins!