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So Here’s the Deal – F&I Video Series

Working with F&I and Showroom Magazine, we have created a Q&A video segment called ‘So Here’s the Deal‘. These F&I Videos are intended to help finance and insurance professionals overcome objections and delight their customers.

Episode 45
If They Don’t Buy…Follow Up!

Episode 44
The Dealer Moved My Goal Posts

Episode 43
How Much Is Too Much?

Episode 42
Selling to Short-Term Owners

Episode 41
Selling High-Mileage VSC Plans

Episode 40
Selling Warranty Compliance Plans

Episode 39
Handling the ‘Last Car’ Objection

Episode 38
Sold But Not Closed

Episode 37
Measuring Up

Episode 36
It’s OK to Be Nervous

Episode 35
Have a Real Conversation

Episode 34
Combating CUs

Episode 33
Trading Rate for Product

Episode 32
Discussing the Risk-Based Pricing Rule

Episode 31
Timing F&I

Episode 30
Handling Remote Deliveries

Episode 29
Achieving $1,600 Per Copy

Episode 28
Handling the ‘Be Back’ Objection

Episode 27
Overcoming Helicopter Parents

Episode 26
Revisiting the Pesky Form 8300

Episode 25
Selling on Leases

Episode 24
Losing the ‘F’ in F&I

Episode 23
Selling Paint Protection

Episode 22
Disclosing the RISC

Episode 21
No Friend of Mine

Episode 20
Your Sales Manager is a Criminal

Episode 19
3 Keys to Professional Growth

Episode 18
Create. Collapse. Repeat

Episode 17
Limiting Chargebacks

Episode 16
The Average Lifecycle Close

Episode 15
Perfect Timing

Episode 14
F&I Followup Plan

Episode 13
Circling Back

Episode 12, part 2
Using Visual Aids

Episode 12, part 1
Visual Aids

Episode 11
Selling a Service Contract on a High-Mileage Vehicle

Episode 10
Multiple Credit Inquiries

Episode 9
Selling to Affluent Customers

Episode 8
Closing on a Package

Episode 7
Tackling the Two-Part Objection

Episode 6
It’s All About Adding Value

Episode 5
Overcoming Objections in the F&I Office

Episode 4
Closing on a Package

Episode 3
Creating Interest

Episode 2
Up Your Products-Per-Lease

Episode 1
Value in the Service Contract