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Reahard & Associates provides F&I Training, custom tailored in-dealership F&I training programs, online F&I training, consulting services, and real world solutions that dramatically increase F&I income and delight your customers.

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Customer satisfaction is a moving target: Achieving F&I Excellence!™ helps attendees hit the bull’s eye by creating a desire within to serve their customers at a higher level.

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Achieving F&I Excellence Online!™ provides training on every aspect of F&I, including: needs-based selling, overcoming objections, and laws & regulations relevant in today’s volatile market.

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One of the most powerful F&I training tools available, with compliance benefits to boot! F&I managers with video recording systems in their office are more likely to abide by the 300 percent rule.

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I wanted to thank you for the education and training I learned during this past week… The insight I gained from the past week will enable me to have better communication with finance managers…I am truly grateful for the time spent in the classroom and for your enthusiasm. You do an excellent job of engaging the classroom and it is obvious to see that you truly do care about the message you deliver. I look forward to the opportunity to serve others and for the chance to help others help their customers!

The values taught during your class go far beyond the car dealership. I will be able to carry what i learned into every aspect of my life and I know that it will make me a better human being moving forward. Not a bad side effect of gaining a tremendous amount of knowledge about our industry!

Andrew Dixon
CNA National