They Say You Can't Teach an Old Dog New Tricks. They obviously haven't met our trainers.

Ensuring F&I Excellence!™ instills in F&I managers the expectation of continuous improvement and implements a process to ensure it happens.

What's in it for you?

Every dealer tracks results.  At Reahard & Associates, we track effort.  Because when effort improves, performance improves.  And when performance improves, profit increases.

Our Ensuring F&I Excellence!™ in-dealership training affords us the opportunity to focus on what each F&I Manager needs to enhance their skills, to reach the next level of Dollars Per Retail Unit ($PRU) and Products Per Retail Unit (PPRU), and to develop into a true F&I Professional.

Ensuring F&I Excellence!™ training is designed to reinforce the customer focused sales techniques F&I managers learned in Achieving F&I Excellence!™ Classes.

Our in-dealership training includes:

  • One-on-one training with each F&I Manager
  • Role-play and/or deal observation
  • Online training
  • Custom training calendar
  • Goal setting
  • Tracking of training activity


It is critical for F&I managers to continuously improve their ability to consultatively sell their products and become comfortable using a Financial Services Overview to review the customer’s repayment, risk management, and vehicle protection options.


  • Builds upon sales techniques introduced in the Achieving F&I Excellence!™ Class, allowing experienced F&I managers to continually improve their performance.
  • Ensures proven, consistent F&I processes and best practices are utilized by every F&I manager at every dealership.
  • Incorporating “real world” situations and actual customer objections into role-play exercises helps improve managers’ selling skills.
  • Ensure F&I managers focus on the sale of all F&I products, not simply the ones they make the most money on, or those products they perceive to be the easiest to sell.
  • Ensures F&I managers are in compliance with current laws and regulations.
    Instills in every F&I manager the expectation of continuous improvement in their performance.
  • Clearly demonstrates to managers the organization’s commitment to their continued professional growth, success and profitability.

Experience the Results

We realize in order to see the benefits of training, you have to see the results. Our training includes individual F&I manager performance monitoring with custom-tailored continuing education activities utilizing a monthly training calendar with daily training assignments. Dealers and F&I Managers can see the results when they review their Ensuring F&I Excellence!™ Training Activity Report and Month-End individual and department performance analysis.

Ensuring F&I Excellence!™ instills in F&I managers the expectation of continuous improvement and implements a process to ensure it happens. It’s what we do. It’s all we do. And we can do it for you!

Why Choose Reahard & Associates?

At Reahard & Associates, our trainers are never trying to get F&I managers to sell more of our products.  Because we don’t sell any products. Your agenda is our agenda. Your focus is our focus. Like you, we  have a vested interest helping increase F&I performance and profits. It’s what you expect. It’s what you deserve and what we deliver. All of our trainers are former F&I professionals with years of experience.  They’ve been there. They’ve done it, done it well, and done it consistently. And they can help your manager(s) achieve F&I excellence as well!