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F&I Seminars
& Workshops

What's in it for you?

We also create and conduct custom seminars and workshops for NADA, OEM’s, F&I product providers, state and local dealer associations, dealer groups, and agencies and individual dealerships. If you would like to see a sample of our custom seminars, give us a call. We are happy to share.  Our focus is always determined by your specific needs; we have the expertise to cover virtually any F&I related topic. Some of our many interactive workshop titles include:

  • Advanced Menu Selling
  • Delighting Customers… and Increasing Sales!
  • Changing Perceptions, Increasing Profits!
  • Selling Outside the Box
  • Turning a “No!” into a “Yes!”
  • The Three Laws of Every F&I Interaction
  • Open-Source Selling
  • Today’s F&I: The Finance & Information Department

Specific topics can also be targeted depending on the particular needs of your dealership, your F&I department or individual F&I managers, such as:

  • Increasing Sales & Profits… It’s a Team Effort
  • Overcoming Objections
  • Visual Aids Sell Products
  • Customer Focused Selling
  • Compliance, Compliance, Compliance
  • Product Focused Training – VSA, GAP, Tire & Wheel, Maintenance, etc.

Those who achieve the greatest level of success continuously strive to increase their knowledge and improve their skills.

Seminars / Event Speakers

Looking for a speaker for your next conference or dealer group meeting? We have an extensive history of speaking at public events. You can find us conducting seminars and workshops at the NADA Convention, 20 Groups, the Industry Summit, the Agent Summit, Ethical F&I Managers Conference and various state and local dealer associations.  We are happy to address any F&I related topic based on current industry needs.

Private – Custom F&I Training Classes

Have a group of dealers that needs their F&I managers trained?  Reahard & Associates will conduct private Achieving F&I Excellence!™ classes at a location convenient for your dealerships, saving the time their managers are out of the dealership and minimizing travel expense.  For larger dealer groups, F&I managers can be divided between two – 2½ day classes over the course of one week. This allows all managers to be trained in one week, without the need to send them to multiple classes over several weeks or months.  Contact us for more details and to discuss your specific training needs.