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The Achieving F&I Excellence!™ Management Certification Program is an intensive finance and insurance training program, designed to provide F&I managers with the consultative selling skills necessary to maximize every profit opportunity in the F&I office, as well as enhance the customer’s F&I experience.

Achieving F&I Excellence!™ will enable your F&I manager to quickly discover customer needs, demonstrate how a particular product will benefit a particular customer, and overcome objections, while enhancing the customer’s F&I experience. By ensuring every option is offered and explained, and customer needs are filled, you can dramatically increase your F&I Sales, profits, and customer satisfaction.

We offer several F&I classes year round. View our REGISTRATION page to sign up for your class.

Program Details

  • Pre-training guide and assessment test
  • Interactive classroom instruction by an experienced trainer
  • Daily consultative selling exercises
  • Evening homework assignments
  • Multiple role-play exercises
  • F&I testing & certification
  • Individual performance review
  • Follow-up contact with each attendee via email and telephone within 30 days of attendance

Program Benefits

  • Implements of a proven, consistent F&I process utilized by every F&I Manager at your dealership
  • Demonstrates the dealership’s commitment to each manager’s continued professional growth, success and profitability.
  • Ensures F&I Managers focus on the sale of all F&I products, not simply the ones they make the most money on or those perceived as the easiest to sell.
  • Creates in every attendee a tradition of excellence and a genuine belief in their products and their own abilities.
  • Instills in every F&I Manager the expectation of continuous improvement in their performance.

The ultimate goal of Achieving F&I Excellence! ™ is to ensure every consumer is genuinely delighted with their sales and F&I experience, and you are WOW'd by the results!

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Hear what our clients say

Worth every penny. This is by far the most intuitive, smart and useful training for F&I you could ever have!
Derrick H.
F&I Manager
I did not know what to expect when arriving in Dallas, Texas for training with Reahard & Associates but I can say with the utmost and sincere claim, this was a training seminar built to bring nothing short of greatness.

Ron’s attention to detail from point A-Z was incredible. The in class role plays and continuous examples on how to tailor your F&I departments was superior. I will recommend his training to all colleagues for years to come and continue education through his site. Thank you Ron for laying the foundation. It’s always a beautiful day!
Ricky R. III
F&I Manager
This course was amazing!! Rick is an outstanding coach and mentor. He’s informative and kept the class engaged in the material. I learned so much, and plan on continuing to do so. I would recommend Reahard and Associates to anyone looking to advance their careers.
Levi S.
F&I Manager
In your class you mentioned our job was to help and serve our customers. Well I’d like to thank you for helping me see the importance of the little things we take for granted… I’m passionate about what I do but along the way I forgot the reason I’m here - my customers... Thank you for allowing me to feel 21 again, full of energy and excitement for my career, for the opportunity I have.
Kelly C.
F&I Manager
Thanks so much for the info. I can’t give enough positive feedback about the material and your ability to share it. 5 star review is submitted. I’ve already gotten to work implementing the strategies and techniques I learned and they are making an immediate impact! It was a pleasure to meet you and I greatly appreciate your time. Thanks again for everything.
Sean W.
F&I Manager