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Emotions Drive Us!

Emotions drive most if not all of our daily decisions. Yet we are prone in the F&I office to use logic and facts at a much higher degree than the emotional ties to the benefits of a product. Watch any commercial and it rarely focuses on the benefits of the product and many times the product simply shows up and is not mentioned by name. The focus is on how it will make the customer feel.

Gatorade tells the life story of Serena Williams from childhood to superstar in a 60 second commercial that never mentions the product. You see here rise to prominence as a new entrant on the international tennis circuit. Then you are shown what many predicted as ultimate failure to reach the top. Then a quick shift is made and you see her drinking Gatorade just minutes before she wins the US Open! The words “Win From Within” flash on the screen. Gatorade doesn’t sell a product.

They sell a feeling — and so are we!

One of the most powerful voices in the marketing arena is Scott Bedbury that states “A brand reaches out with a powerful connecting experience. It’s an emotional connection point that transcends the product.” Watch any Super Bowl commercial and you will see this effort at its best!

It’s game time with every customer interaction.

Turn up the emotion building effort and compliment it with the facts. Not the other way around!

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