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It’s Show Time!

I just returned from taking two of my granddaughters to their first Broadway show, Disney’s production of Aladdin. Like most other first time visitors they were amazed. And the more they learned about what the performers went through on a daily basis the more respect they had for them. Here are a couple of take-aways that can remind us that no matter what has happened before we meet each customer once they are in-front of us it’s – Show Time!

Every customer deserves the same level of passion and personal interest! Broadway performers are expected to provide 8 performances each week, and every show is expected to be their best performance. In the F&I office we are expected to show personal interest in every customer, build trust, ask great questions and help them see why certain products are critical in their situation. And when we encounter objections we are expected to provide meaningful information and deliver it with passion.

We may have had a bad day and may be experiencing issues at work or home. However, this customer deserves the best information with the highest level of passionate belief in our products. We may deserve a “Tony Award” for our performance. But that is what professionals do and why not just anybody can do this job. Talented professionals with unparalleled dedication to their craft make the cut and the customers benefit from their interaction with them.

Customers complaining about the price beforehand leave saying WOW! The “cheap seats” at the show were $89 and the best seats were $257. Why would anyone pay that kind of money for something they could see on a DVD for much less? Simply, seeing the show live is different.

The experience, the passion, and the effects all make it worth the investment.

Does your customer experience a different process with you than what they have at other dealerships? If you’re not different than you are just like everybody else and the effort to move them to buy will be difficult. When happy customers who appreciate the professionalism they encounter buy, you receive an award. It’s called a paycheck! If you want a better paycheck make sure every customer get your best process, explanation of the products and the highest level of passion.

The lead character, the “Genie”, provided a performance that was rewarded with a standing ovation. It seemed he would have a heart attack if he kept up the pace. Yet he does it every time, 8 times a week. Well, here comes your next delivery. Whether it is number one this month or number 81, “It’s Show Time” Give them your best!

I look forward to seeing you on my next post! Visit our F&I training page to learn more about how we can help you help more customers! Also feel free to contact me. Exchanging ideas with F&I Professionals is my passion!