The #1 Enemy of Success!

A conversation with a dealer principal took a powerful turn when he made the statement “My concern with sending my people to training events is that the Law of Entropy will take effect when they return.” Can I humbly say I had no idea what entropy was or how to spell it! His explanation that followed transformed my concept of success and how to achieve it.

Entropy, as expressed by the Second Law of Thermodynamics, is an all pervasive natural force, similar in importance to gravity.

It shows why water only runs downhill and coffee gets cold over time. The simple definition is that anything with energy will lose that energy over time if fresh energy is not introduced. Hot coffee gets cold unless you add fresh hot coffee to the cup. The dealer was concerned that a one- time training event would only be beneficial if consistent and ongoing smaller training events took place afterward.

Every F&I Manager should create a
to-learn list just as you would a to-do list.

I work hand in hand with many F&I Managers, across the country, whose cup is full. They have great abilities and their skill sets are full to the brim. However, a commitment to do just what is absolutely necessary to continue at current production levels is a sure path to less than optimum performance. Every F&I Manager should create a to-learn list just as you would a to-do list. Commit to spend the next few months deeply researching a specific area such as great questions and how they affect performance or the three learning types of individuals and how to utilize that information. This will drive you to read research and seek out others that understand these areas at a higher level. Fresh energy! It will raise your level of performance and income and destroy the effects of the law of entropy!

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