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What Does The “I” Stand For?

Rick McCormick
"Any fool can know. The point is to understand." - Albert Einstein…
february 2023

The Demand for Closers Is Shrinking

Rick McCormick
Here are three efforts that will enable us to move from being ‘closers’ to becoming ‘openers.’…
January 2023

The Days of Making the Customer Wait Are Over

Rick McCormick
F&I process provides us an opportunity to add value or aggravation to the customer’s purchase experience.…
december 2022

Have It Your Way

Rick McCormick
The customer is speaking loudly, they want to have it their way, and it’s forward-thinking and profit-building when we do.…

Three Powerful Truths of Consultative Selling!

Rick McCormick
When customers see the process is centered around them and effort is applied to make sure they understand the entire transaction, the trust level is extremely high.

Published in November 2022 edition of F&I and Showroom!…

The Path of People: The Power of Empathy

Rick McCormick
If we provide the path through the process that our customers enjoy, expect, and hope for, they will trust us and listen to the insight we offer. Published in the October 2022 edition of F&I and Showroom!…

The Path of People: Listening

Rick McCormick
Master the art of intentional and active listening and watch it change the outcome for you and your customers. Published in the September 2022 edition of F&I and Showroom!…

The Digital Danger

Rick McCormick
The danger of digital is that we will attempt to rely on it to do the things that our selling skills were intended to accomplish.…

The Path of People: Emotional Attachment

Rick McCormick
Insightful information that attaches your customer emotionally to a product will move more to buy than any close you may have learned. Published in the August 2022 edition of F&I and Showroom!…

The Path of People: Let them Lead

Rick McCormick
Third party confirmation is the most powerful tool to move people down the path of buying. Published in the July 2022 edition of F&I and Showroom!…

The Message from the Mess: Listen Up F&I!

Rick McCormick
Here are three parts of the message coming from the midst of the mess we have been living through for the last couple of years. Published in the June 2022 edition of F&I and Showroom!…