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What Does The “I” Stand For?

Rick McCormick
"Any fool can know. The point is to understand." - Albert Einstein…

The Power of the Process

Rick McCormick
A well-defined process that has been built by consistent research and practice to communicate effectively, is powerful, and customers will find saying “Yes” easy and saying “No” hard. Published in the May 2022 edition of F&I and Showroom…

Do This, Not That!

Rick McCormick
Here are two truths that reveal the concepts of a powerful process that moves customers and us. Published in the April 2022 edition of F&I and Showroom!…

Find the Onion!

Rick McCormick
If you are good at discovering purpose, people will like you and trust you, and if you are selling, they will buy from you.…

Close on Something Else

Rick McCormick
Welcome an objection, embrace it and create an irresistible offer that makes “yes” easy, and then close on something else.…

F&I Customers Are Just Like Us!

Rick McCormick
Top-producing F&I managers have learned to look at their presentations from the other side of the desk and build trust in the process — and themselves — to sell more products to more customers.…

Connecting Over Closing!

Rick McCormick
How well are you connecting with your customers? Or rather, how are you making your customers feel? What experience are you offering? Do customers leave your office feeling sold and overwhelmed, or excited, informed, and confident? The major contributor to success with any client interaction is connecting with them on…

Peace of Mind is at a Premium

Rick McCormick
The pandemic’s disruption of what was previously normal has resulted in a desire for stability. The products we offer in the F&I office reduce risk in the case of an unexpected event, providing customers with the peace of mind they crave. In uncertain times, there are few things more valuable…

Bishops, Badges, and Blenders!

Rick McCormick
True servants with a heart to make people and the industry at large better are priceless and worthy to be honored.…

Objection Overruled!

Rick McCormick
How do we go from great to unstoppable? Move to the highest level of belief in your process and your products — conviction.…

A Menu Has Its Limits!

Rick McCormick
Properly and intentionally setting up your menu will maximize your ability to help customers and produce profit.…